Les influences diverses qui constituent l’ADN de BLACKFOXY sont issues de la culture des quartiers populaires dans lesquelles ses musiciens ont grandi.

Les collectionneurs y étaient légions et les artistes tels que James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Délégation, Shalamar ou Earth Wind and Fire, y faisaient figures de classiques.

BLACKFOXY a plus d’une centaine de concerts à son actif et compte un répertoire original d’une vingtaine d’oeuvres ciselées à l’ancienne.

. Elles font référence à la période 1970 -1985 de l’histoire de la musique afro-américaine embrassant la Funk, la Soul, le Disco, le Jazz funk.

Sista Wyndyz

Sista Wyndyz is a singer with Caribbean and Gospel influences.
Faithful since the begennings she participated in several bandz with Kalid and always brought a touch of depth and rigor as much on the content of the creative process as on the scenic approach.
Her charm and beauty leave no one indifferent when she goes on stage because she shines above all by her humility.
We were also able to admire him alongside the legendary group Kassav in 2013 as a chorister during a year-end tour.

Kalid bazi

Kalid Bazi is an author, a composer, an actor and a director, self-taught, he has produced or self-produced his audiovisual and musical projects for many years. As a composer, his most significant collaboration was with Luc Besson on the Blaxploitation style Soundtrack in the line of Isaac Hayes from the movie La Planque, classified in the top 50 Spotify in 2012 when it was released, thus enjoying such a great success of esteem.
With Klaus Blasquiz, singer of the group Magma group, they then decided to create BLACKFOXY, a Soul Funk band warming stages of festivals and concert halls in France.
Following the attacks in 2015, they launched the Drummers for Peace movement, thus imagining the Bus for Peace system, a coach reconfigured as a mobile music studio whose objective is to promote peace through music in working-class area, rural and city centers of the country.
Blackfoxy in its content and in its form follows the line of fights for the emancipation of the popular classes, of James Brown, Nina Simone or Stevie Wonder in the years 70/80.



Do we still need to introduce him such as his multiple careers on the course of excellence speak for him (MAGMA / Cokpit / Maison Klaus, but also journalist, speaker and collector of sound and image material).
In Blackfoxy, he is a singer but also a vocal coach. He directs residences which have allowed Blackfoxy to find its scenic and musical identity. His discipline and his moral rigor have undeniably brought to Blackfoxy an authenticity which is felt on stage to the point that it allows to reach a very large audience.


Lead singer with a smooth and powerful voice at the same time, very early he was influenced by Marvin Gaye. Part of the generation Y, he also has multiple influences in RnB and Hip Hop. He takes part, as a singer, in many formations of the Parisian Soul Funk RNB scene. He also does voice overs for television.

He is one of the founders of BLACKFOXY and is also an audiovisual producer with Kalid within their production company  Rencontres du Troisième Film.

Samuel zamia

Distinguished bass player, Sam brings much more than a groove. He literally brought the rhythm section to life. Like a silversmith, he transcended the bass lines by adding just the right amount of harmonies and effects.
His natural authority and creativity allow the rhythm to enrich the harmony of the original works. Sam especially allows Blackfoxy not to let anyone sit in the audience.

Julien de rango

Guitarist and composer, he brought Disco-Funk to Blackfoxy with the titles "How Much" and "Don’tBreak MyHeart".
Julien, a lover of African American music, is very versatile. We can hear him in various bands ranging from afro beat, pop-rock, reggae to metal. He is a good stage companion with his good humor and his evil humor.
His guitar casseroles are a goldsmith's work to make a Swiss clock turn jealous.

Nicolas Leroy

A pianist, organist, guitarist and composer born in Burgundy, Nico kept his sonic and colorful impressions from his childhood in his region of origin, which have always nourished his imagination as a musician. He studied music in Lyon.

For twenty years, his aptitudes and his curiosity have led him to contribute on stage or in the studio to projects of very diverse styles: rock (Ovo), song with texts (Jean-Baptiste Veujoz), transformist show (Jérôme Tatin), classical (duo of organists with Aurore Baal), slam (Kalimat, Rôhan Houssein)

He met Atef in 2010 and began a collaboration with the singer which continues to this day. Finally, he joined Blackfoxy in 2017 and thus found himself naturally involved in the Beaters for Peace. Projects that are dear to him where joy in life and unity rhyme with diversity, commitment and service. He is also working on a personal project based on his compositions.


Alycia has been rocked by Rn'b soul and traditional music since her childhood and it is only natural that she followed in the footsteps of her chorister mom. She had the chance to sing alongside artists like Dereck Martin or to evolve alongside Klaus Basquiz.
Sparkling and smiling, music has become over time a means for her to transmit good vibes to the people around her and it is alongside Blackfoxy that she discovers a passion for Funk. Her soft and serious tone is sure to find an echo within the Foxy Family and she is determined to give you Funky Vibes


Influenced by the great soul and Funk classics of the 50s to 80s, Sibelle trained by Martha High (JB'S) during the master class, we note collaborations with Derek Martin (Stax), or Klaus Blasquiz within the Blackfoxy formation .
An extroverted and dynamic character, Sibelle has been passionate about music from a very young age, we can find her behind certain compositions by the group as an author such as Got to be good or Talk about peace.